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How it Works

How it Works

We introduce you the simplest way to get a unique logo design for your business. You just need to follow a few easy steps:

1. Choose a logo

First you will need to choose a suitable logo from our categorized collection. Every logo in LogoCatch is unique, fully resizable vector graphic that can be purchased only by one user.

2. Specify the design

After choosing a logo click on “VIEW PRODUCT” button in the selected product. You will see a color pickers and two text fields.
Select your prefered colors for the logo and we will make two versions:

  • RGB version for your web site or other virtual projects
  • CMYK version for print

Next you need to enter the name of the logo in “Company name” field. You can use any text symbols, numbers and white spaces.
In the second field you can enter a slogan which will be displayed under your company name. The slogan is optional.

3. Purchase the item

When you have completed the previous steps click on “ADD TO CARD” button to order the logo. This will redirect you to the cart page where you can complete your order by clicking on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button. In next page you need to enter your name and your e-mail address. It is important to enter a valid e-mail address where we can send your logo. When you have done click on “PROCEED TO PAYPAL” button to make a safety payment with your paypal account or credit/debit cart.¬†After purchase, the logo will be closed and your order will be processed.

4. Receive your logo design

We will send you the modificated logo within two business days. When your order is completed you will receive a zip package with all files of the design via your e-mail address and your LogoCatch account. You can check for the logo on “Downloads” page. Your packages will be stored in logocatch for two years.

Read more about what is included in the package.


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